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Classic Computer Information

Classic Computer Products

     DigitalDinos carries a variety of classic computer products classified by computer or manufacturer:

  • Apple II
  • Atari
  • Commodore
  • CP/M Based Computers
  • Macintosh (Normally Pre-PowerPC)
  • PC Compatible  (Definitely not Windows 95 compatible or capable.)
  • Texas Instruments
  • Timex Sinclair
  • Radio Shack / Tandy
  • And the ever popular potpourri of Miscellaneous that just doesn't fit anywhere else.

    DigitalDinos sells vintage computing products on this website and - very rarely - on eBay.  Our inventory is brought up-to-date every weekend.   If you don't see what you're looking for in these sections, chances are excellent we don't have it in stock; but, you can still send us an email anyway to check!  :)

     Ordering from DigitalDinos is handled through email, one on one.  We strive to give quick, personal service to every sale.

     Please feel free to browse about our wares here and on eBay.  If you find yourself at one of the shows we attend, please drop by and introduce yourself.

     But above all, enjoy collecting and experiencing the classic computing on this site, even if you don't buy a thing!  :)

Finding a Product

     As mentioned before, all items for sale on this site are divided up by computer or manufacturer.  This means that you will find Apple products for the Apple II under "Apple II."  It also means that you'll find software made by companies other than Apple made for the Apple II under "Apple II."  (Eventually, there is a good chance that there will be a search engine to cross-reference this site, but don't hold your breath waiting...)

     On each of these aforementioned pages, you will find a list of available products occasionally divided by a large section:  Hardware, Software, Manuals, and so on.  This list may have a description right there for you or provide a link to another page with a title, description, condition, maybe a picture or two, and a price:

TITLE - The name of the item.

DESCRIPTION - A narrative account of the item.  Part numbers.  Serial numbers.  Distinguishing characteristics.

CONDITION - A statement of the item's general health, readiness, and fitness during our examination and testing of the item.  (In no way is this to be a considered a guarantee of how the item will perform when it arrives for you.)  If a warranty is offered on an item, it will appear in this section.  Otherwise, remember, all items offered for sale are "as-is," no warranty, no returns, no refunds!

PICTURES - These are either pictures of the actual item or like item in our inventory.  Not every item will have a picture.  However, a picture can be taken of an item when requested.

PRICE - The cost of the item in United States dollars.  (This not the complete price with packing and shipping charges.  See Ordering for a complete discussion of these charges.)

     So you're wondering what quantity is available, are you?  Generally, we only have one of anything.  So if you see what you want, do not sit on your hands!  Order it now!  If you wait and it gets sold, it will probably not be here - or anywhere - ever again!

     Curious about availability?  Typically, if it is on the site, it's available.  (Sales are soooo sloooow around here.)  However, someone may have requested the item before you.  (We leave items up on the system until they are paid for; helps keep down the paperwork.)  So, check out the Ordering section and send the sales department an email with your list of items that you want.  You can get your hopes up that it's still here if you want.  99.57% of the time, you won't be disappointed!  :)

     If you have a question on any item, send the sales department an email with your question and your question will be answered usually within 3 days.  :)


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