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DigitalDinos FAQ

Is it "DigitalDinos" or "Digital Dinos"?

"DigitalDinos", no space in between.

And in honor of the cute, darkish red-ish, non-copyright infringing dinosaur in our logo, "Dino" is pronounced like "DINO-saur", "die-no" not "dee-no". :)

How do I place an order with DigitalDinos?

Since September 20, 2020, all sales are now through our stores on eBay and eCrater.

I live outside the USA, why didn't you accept my PayPal payment?

Because PayPal won't protect us from the potential loss and the additional fees they charge for currency conversion, your payment was denied. (Please see PayPal's rules.)

Why do you need my shipping address for an inquiry?

We need to accurately complete shipping questions through our invoicing software. So, your shipping address is required.

How do I contact DigitalDinos?

For any DigitalDinos' related question, please send an email to the Sales Department. You may also contact us by mail and by phone - just don't expect a live person to answer the phone. Please see our contact page for more details.

Is DigitalDinos interested in buying my classic computing and gaming stuff?

First, it depends on what is it is. This depends on a lot of fickle factors and is highly item dependent. Sad to say that there just isn't a lot of market for Atari 2600 Pac-Man, E. T. game cartridges, or Timex Sinclair 1000s.

Second, there has to be a lot of stuff - like a quarter minivan full - within 200 miles of Mentor, Ohio; otherwise, there really isn't a point to driving out to get it. (Obviously, this depends on what is being offered for sale...)

Next is condition. Everything has to be authentic in good working condition. (Generic, 5.25" diskettes crammed with pirated games for the Commodore 64 are not authentic. They're just blank 5.25" disks to us.) The more manuals and boxes, the better!

Finally and especially we consider the price. See, DigitalDinos is a business and it needs to make a profit by buying low and selling high. (It doesn't always accomplish this, but making some money is the goal! :) If you are selling at or above the prices for classic computer items set by us, other vendors, or eBay, DigitalDinos is unable to purchase your items. Try eBay. :)

We tend not to ship items in because shipping removes almost all the profit. Your lot has to be within about 200 miles of Mentor, Ohio.

If you think your lot of goodies fits the good parts of the above, especially the end cost, email your list to us and we'll look it over. We don't buy much from such proposals, but we do buy some. Maybe even your stuff! :)

Do you have "dealer" prices?

Generally, no. The price you see is for all comers in the "buy one to five" of each category because typically that's all we have of any one item. (Usually, we only have 1.)

Now, if you want to make an offer on a pallet of stuff, you're obviously a dealer; and, we'd rather it sit on your shelf than ours. Send us an email with an offer!

By the way, if you are a dealer in classic computer equipment, send us an email even if you don't want a pallet of stuff just to say, "Hi," and tell us what you sell and the website you are at. We're not too proud to send collectors to other companies if we don't have what they're looking for. It's better for the hobby and business if we work together. We just ask that you do the same.

Will you make a copy of a disk you have and mail - or email - it to me?

We realize that many of the programs we have for sale are by companies that are long, long gone. However, those copyrights are still held by someone. Others out there do, but we will not make any unauthorized copies of any software for anyone at any price.

Is the software you have for sale original?

To the best of our knowledge, all of the software we have for sale is from its original publishing house on its original media. We do not make copies of software and sell them like some others do. We'll pass on the jail time and crippling fines.

Can I purchase advertising space for banners and roll-over ads on DigitalDinos?

No. But, at our discretion, we may trade links with you. Send us an email.

How long has DigitalDinos been in business?

DigitalDinos has been in the classic computer and retrogaming business since October 16, 2001. But considering past profits and future earning potential, it's not much of a business! :)

How did DigitalDinos get started?

Ah. An excellent question. Please read the About DigitalDinos web page by clicking here.

What's been happening since DigitalDinos started?

October 2017 - Great seeing everyone at Tandy Assembly 2017. See you again next year.

July 2017 - Great seeing everyone at CCAG 2017. See you again next year.

July 2016 - Great seeing everyone at CCAG 2016. See you again next year.

2/24/2012 - An interesting article on classic computers still being put to work today.

12/12/2011 - An interesting article on the 30th anniversary of the BBC micro.

4/3/2011 - An interesting article on the Apple I.

4/3/2011 - An interesting article on Adam Osborne and his Osborne I.

2/6/2011 -We are now happy to accept PayPal payments by any means for our USA customers only. All foriegn clients must continue to pay through other secured means.

12/26/2010 - Our phone number has changed to 440-709-6072. Feel free to call anytime; just, don't expect a person to answer as it is a voice mail system the vast majority of the time.

11/6/2010 - Our site's look has been refreshed. If you've linked to specific pages, they may not work any more.

9/4/2010 - Kodak’s 1975 Model Digital Camera courtesy of The New York Times.

8/25/2010 - BBC Micros Used in Retro Programming Class courtesy of the BBC.

8/18/2010 - 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet vs. 2010 Apple iPad courtesy of Computerworld.

6/8/2010 - Vintage Geek Gift Guide courtesy of InfoWorld.

8/30/2009 - An interesting article with pictures of early computer systems from the Computer history Museum.

7/19/2009 - An interesting article on early interactive fiction. And here's an article on the computer that flew the Apollo to and from the moon.

6/6/2009 - An interesting article on computer storage through the ages.

5/25/2009 - Thanks to everyone for stopping by to say, "Hi" at the Classic Console and Arcade Gaming Show. Let's do it again October 24, 2009!

5/3/2009 - Computerworld story about ten operating systems we left behind us.

4/4/2009 - NPR radio story about a company that still makes the IBM Model M keyboard.

3/15/2009 - Yellowed plastic on your classic computer making it live in the closet instead of on display? Not any more with Retr0Bright! :)

1/27/2009 - Article, "Macintosh Fans Mark 25 Years of Mac Devotion".

12/6/2008 - Article, "Where Old Computers find their Resting Place".

11/11/2008 - A fun little quiz on old computers courtesy of the BBC.

9/20/2008 - See you at The Classic Console & Arcade Game Show on October 12, 2008. If you wish to purchase from us at the show, please make arrangements for what you want us to bring by sending us an email.

6/29/2008 - Due to skyrocketing fuel costs, it has been difficult to get accurate estimates for shipping charges from shippers other that the United States Postal Service. Therefore, we are immediately suspending the use of all other shippers for everything except what they can't deliver, and that isn't very much. :)

5/26/2008 - Minor updates to the Tandy 600 FAQ including a new location for the Tandy 600 software archive, The Web 8201 Project.

5/22/2008 - See you at The Classic Console & Arcade Game Show on May 24, 2008. If you wish to purchase from us at the show, please make arrangements for what you want us to bring by sending us an email.

12/7/2007 - Interesting story on CNN's site about the 25th anniversary of the Commodore 64.

9/13/2007 - The spam email has reached over 500 per day and we simply don't have time to sort through them all; so, we have activated the spam filter. This means that regular email to us may not get through. If you don't hear from us within 72 hours, please either resend your email with different wording or call us at 440-709-6072.

6/10/2006 - New, massive posting of Atari stuff, 8 and 16 bit!

5/28/2006 - Good to see all our friends at CCAG 2006. See you at the next show, May 26, 2007!

5/10/2006 - Our email has been down. But, it's all better now.

1/15/2006 - A large lot of TI items have been posted in the TI area.

12/18/2005 - A large lot of Commodore 64 and VIC-20 items have been posted to the Commodore area.

DigitalDinos will attend The Classic Console & Arcade Game Show on May 27, 2006, and we hope you will too! We will set up classic computers and gaming systems for play, not for sale. In fact, we're only bringing things for sale that are already sold. If you wish to purchase from us at the show, please make arrangements for what you want us to bring by sending us an email.

12/05/2005 - It was great seeing our clients in person at The Classic Console & Arcade Game Show on December 4, 2005. At the show we did not sell anything but had the following systems set up to play games: Apple IIc, Commodore 64, Atari 130 XE, Atari 5200, Intellivision System II, Sega Genesis, and a TRS-80 Model 4. Yep, you read that right. A TRS-80 Model 4 was up 'n running playing Frogger with sound effects, and it was so cool!

12/02/2005 - DigitalDinos is attending The Classic Console & Arcade Game Show on December 4, 2005, Email to and from us will be delayed until after the show.

11/15/2005 - DigitalDinos was pleased to be interviewed for an article in the Times Leader on collecting classic computers. Interesting - if quick - reading! :)

7/23/2005 - What remained of the CP/M section has been melded into the Miscellaneous section.

If you can, please donate to the UNIVAC Pennsylvania Road Marker fund that will install a marker on the building where the UNIVAC and BINAC computers were created.

DigitalDinos will attend The Classic Console & Arcade Game Show on December 4, 2005 where we are proud to once again be a corporate sponsor. The show is free to all to attendees and vendors. Please visit the show's website at

5/1/2005 - We are looking into replacing our message board with something more under our control. More later.

3/15/2005 - See us live an April 3, 2005 at the Lake County Hamfest.

12/1/2004 - For the foreseeable future, we are going to put at least one random item from our inventory on eBay about every other Tuesday night to sell Sunday night. Get in on the bidding by visiting our About Me page on eBay!

Unfortunately, PayPal has lowered the amount we can receive per month through eBay auctions to $500. In order to keep prices low for you, you may not be able to transfer money to our PayPal account to pay for your item and will need to send a money order. We regret the inconvenience this presents to you - our valuable clients - but this is a PayPal decision.

10/17/2004 - DigitalDinos will attend The Classic Console & Arcade Game Show on October 23rd. Visit the show's website at

8/6/2004 - DigitalDinos once again accepts payments made by PayPal under the following constraints. The payments must be in the form of a money transfer from your account to ours; credit card payments are not acceptable and will be refused. We will only ship to a confirmed address in the USA, Canada, and U.K.

Another change to the shipping cycle to make it better and clearer. :) We will check for payments to arrive at the P.O. Box at least twice during the week. All packing is done every Friday night for shipment during the next week. On Saturday, all paid orders shipping USPS are shipped. On Tuesday, all paid orders shipping UPS are shipped. Your payment must arrive and clear DigitalDinos' bank's processing by Friday at 5:00 PM E.S.T. to be sent in the current shipping cycle. Electronic payments clear practically overnight. All other types of payment will require 3 to 5 business days to clear.

We are once again accepting new clients for the modern IT consulting side of DigitalDinos.

7/1/2004 - Our Apple III items are now collected and listed in one spot in the Miscellaneous category.

Hundreds of new items have been added to the site. Keep an eye on the home page for the latest.

6/12/2004 - We are proud to announce our sponsorship and attendance of the Classic Computer and Gaming Show 2004, October 23rd. For more information, visit

6/6/2004 - We are proud to announce that DigitalDinos will be attending the ACEC 2004 Swap Meet. September 11, 2004 in Columbus, OH. If you have any requests, please email us today!

5/11/2004 - New, improved shipping schedule! From this date forward, all orders sent via USPS will ship on Friday or Saturday. All UPS orders will ship Tuesday. We will check for payments at the post office box on Thursday and Friday or Saturday of every week. Orders paid for on a Friday or Saturday shipping USPS will not ship on that day, sorry. Please allow up to 5 (five) business days for packing and shipping.

Due to a recent 'day job' change, there will also be a change to our modern IT service offering in the near future. Until those changes are announced, we will not be accepting any new IT commitments.

5/1/2004 - The Post Office has done it again! Some customers have had their mail returned to them marked "Unknown Address" last week. This issue has been addressed with the Post Office. If your payment has been returned, rest assured that we are still in business and your order is still here. Though it's hard for us to tell who's payment has been returned and who's payment is just not ever going to come, so please email us today!

3/28/2004 - Thanks to all for stopping by and saying "Hi" to us at our tables at the hamfest.

3/14/2004 - We will attend the Lake County Amateur Radio Association Hamfest live and in person on the 28th of March. If you have any requests, email them to the sales department today! :)

1/25/2004 - We're back from our 8 day vacation, answering email, and shipping once again!

12/29/2003 - The demands of the 'day job' have forced a permanent change to the payment collecting and shipping schedules. From this date forward, all orders sent via USPS will ship on Saturday. All UPS orders will ship Tuesday. We will check for payments at the post office box on Friday and Saturday of every week. Orders paid for on a Saturday shipping USPS will not ship on that Saturday, sorry. Please allow up to 5 (five) business days for packing and shipping.

12/07/2003 - Google just reindexed the site after 2 months. Welcome back Google searchers!

11/13/2003 - Updates to practically every category. More things sold. More new old things to sell. More things on the way! :)

10/25/2003 - We have added a new category, Classic Video Games! They were cluttering up the Miscellaneous section...

Also, if you are getting a lot of '404 - Page Not Found' errors, our apologies. We've had to move our pages around to accommodate our web hoster's FrontPage extension activation needs. So, if you couldn't find it recently, you'll be able to find it now! :) (However, this doesn't clear up the mess it caused with Google and other search engine searches. Maybe they'll search us again soon...)

10/9/2003 - New additions to the Apple II, Atari, TI, and Miscellaneous sections as we start combing through what we bought at 2 hamfests and the ACEC Swap meet.

10/1/2003 - DigitalDinos is proud to be a corporate sponsor for CCAG 2004.

9/15/2003 - Big "HELLO!" to all those we saw at the ACEC 2003 Swap Meet. Lots of Atari stuff traded around and memories made and relived. Hope to go next year! After we sort out the mini-van load of what was acquired, we'll be posting it in the Atari section. Maybe sometime in late October...

9/5/2003 - New additions to the TI section added. Some Atari stuff has been sold. We may be getting some new Atari stuff in at the end of September.

8/09/2003 - The product lines for the Apple II, Atari, Commodore, CP/M, Macintosh, PC Compatible Texas Instruments, Timex Sinclair, TRS-80 & Tandy, and Miscellaneous sections are now complete and will remain up-to-date with updates occurring every weekend. If you don't see what you're looking for in these sections, chances are excellent we don't have it in stock; but, you can still send us an email anyway to check! :)

8/03/2003 - Updates have been made to all product areas. Large amounts of products have been added to the Atari and Apple II sections. Another round of updates will be done this week as well.

7/28/2003 - This week, we are undertaking a massive update of all For Sale sections. We will be listing hundreds of items for sale by the end of the week. Partial updates will be posted daily. Enjoy!

7/17/2003 - A selection of classic and modern computing services has been added as well as web site hosting!

7/10/2003 - We have updated our TRS-80 / Tandy and Timex / Sinclair areas. Great deals on the last of the Timex / Sinclair goodies and we've unearthed a small cache of Tandy 2000 peripherals! Plus, we have a few Model 4 computers with 128K!

Ok, so, what is the dinosaur's name, anyway?



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